Bigg Boss Telugu 4: A Rather Dull Day For Audiences!

16 Sep, 2020 10:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Any reality show will have gravely interesting days and slightly less interesting episodes too. We cannot expect every episode to have great fun as some will end up being fillers for the big intense drama ones. 

Tuesday, 15th September episode can be termed as one such. With love triangles opening up on Monday between Monal Gujjar - Abhijeet, Abhijeet - Harika and Monal- Akhil people wanted some more masala to be added to these stories. 

While the indications of one person leaning a lot towards other have come up, no huge drama happened over it. The fun skit task did not generate enough fun for audiences to stay glued. 

But the love triangle parts have worked as teasers for them to cling on to the next episodes. Amma Rajasekhar became slightly less flirtatious and Gangavva seems to have grown silent with congested space. 

Harika took the centre stage with her dance performance and others had a normal day. Still, the real drama hasn't started but contestants might slowly but surely will warm up to make the ride more interesting. 

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