Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Viewers Predict Winner

5 Dec, 2022 14:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Bos Tamil season 6 contestants are giving their best to grab the attention of the audience. Azeem and Dhana's fights and argument is one reason for the viewers to watch the show. The show has completed its eighth week and entered into the ninth week. But the fights and arguments between the contestants did not change. Queency is the recent contestant to get an exit pass from the show. The major clash in Bigg Boss Tamil  6 house is between Vikraman and Azeem. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers believe that Vikraman and Azeem are strong opponents. Equally, they both have a large fan base outside the house. Azeem and Vikram fans are having fan wars on social media platforms over their fights and performances. 

Vikraman is appreciated for his patience and composed attitude in the task and fights. It is known that Azeem is short-tempered and loses his cool over silly issues. From day one of the show, contestants are praising Vikraman and tells that we have a high chance to win the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 trophy if he maintained the same behavior. Most of the Bigg Boss Tamil viewers support Vikraman for the win. 

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