Bigg Boss OTT: Netizens Call Karan Johar Biased Host After He Bashed Divya Agarwal

23 Aug, 2021 14:35 IST|Sakshi Post

Ever since the start of Bigg Boss OTT, things have not been good between host Karan Johar and Divya Agarwal. Karan scolded Divya during the first Sunday ka Vaar episode and this time too, he took her class. Divya on the other hand, says that she will not budge and stand up for what she feels is right.

Karan scolded Divya on several matters. He slammed Divya for her comments on Salman Khan and him. The Student of the Year director said that Divya keeps taking his name and disrespects him. This is not acceptable. Karan was particularly angry over Divya’s remarks of wanting to nominate him for elimination.

She said during one of the episodes, that she would like to nominate Karan Johar for elimination. He took this statement and bashed her by saying that she is a contestant here whereas he is the host. No matter what she does, he cannot be eliminated. Johar asked her to stop talking about him when she cannot show him respect. In the end, he nominated Divya for elimination.

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His particular statement, “I do not nominate, I will directly evict” took the viewers by surprise. Many said on social media platforms that this is not the way he should be treating contestants. “What do you mean by I will evict you? Host Johar should know that audience is still here to vote for a fair contestant like Divya. His biased hosting is so evident,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

All the while Divya tried explaining her points and what she felt. Karan did not give her much chance but when she spoke, she tried to put her points forward. Many felt that the director was being biased and that Bigg Boss makers are opening targeting Divya. The audience is divided on this. 

“WE STAND WITH DIVYA” was trending on Twitter as fans took her side on many points and said that Karan was being biased. KJo asked Divya to watch her tone with him, to which many fans said that he was the one to speak disrespectfully with her. He should talk properly if he expects others to do so. He even used words like, “Fu**ing” with her, and that was totally unacceptable. Even TV star Suyyash Rai called Karan Johar as “Loser” and took Divya’s side in the matter.

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