Bigg Boss Nonstop: Netizens Troll Akhil, Call Him Ashu's Proxy

9 Apr, 2022 13:08 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has managed to keep the audience under its grip. The contestants in the house are going all out to woo viewers to watch the show. 

It is common to see contestants hooking up on the show to get more viewership. But so far, there is no love track on the show yet. Yet Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are liking the show format. Bigg Boss Non-Stop is receiving a better response from the audience than the previous season of Bigg Boss Telugu. All the credit go to Shiva. His comic timing with Natraj Master and easy-going character has left the audience impressed. 

Meanwhile, the war between fans of Bindhu and Akhil is raging on the social media. Bindu's fans have branded Akhil "Karivepaku." This connotation used to talk about something which is there but has no purpose or use. The viewers are creating pages on social media in the name, Karivepaku. Not only Bindhu fans, but a couple of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers say that Akhil is not getting as much scope as Shiva on the show. They claim that Akhil is focusing on belittling Bindhu instead of playing his game. He is also being named the proxy of Anshu as he is not playing an individual game. Viewers wonder how Akhil is not making the most of the second chance he has been given by the makers. He is wasting his chance, say a section of the audience.

It is clear that Akhil, Ashu, Natraj Master, Mumaith Khan, Ajay, and Ariyana are targeting Bindhu. Bindhu fans allege that the fan ratio is a majority of Bindu fans Vs Akhil fans, who are a minority in terms of numbers.  

It is worth mentioning here that Shiva is dominating Akhil with his game. Akhil is losing popularity which he gained in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Netizens are of the view that even the Bigg Boss Non Stop makers have given up on Akhil and giving Bindhu and Shiva some hype. 

As per the latest Bigg Boss Telugu OTT updates, Akhil and the group gave Bindhu Madhavi the worst performer of the week tag even though she gave her best. Bindhu fans are trolling Akhil and requesting Nagarjuna to school him for manipulating other contestants and pitting them against her. 

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