Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Rajeev Top Contender For Captaincy Post this Week

22 Apr, 2021 21:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Kannada Bigg Boss 8 is perhaps one of the most talked-about TV reality shows in Karnataka right now. What with its content and twists every week, Colors Kannada has managed to keep the audience under its grip with this show and also ensured they are on top in terms of TRPs.

The most challenging, exciting and anticipated task in Bigg Boss Kannada is undoubtedly the captaincy task. Netizens are hooked to the TVs when the captaincy task begins.

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 In the previous week, Aravind KP won the captaincy task and became the captain of the Bigg Boss house for the second time. It is worth mentioning here that the Bigg Boss house captain is endowed with some special powers in their hand so every contestant in the house gives their best to become the Captain of the glass house.

In this week's Captaincy task, contenders are being decided by individual tasks. The Voot live viewers say it is going to be one to one task and six contestants will be selected. As per the buzz on social media, Rajeev is the first contender for captaincy post this week. The task has already taken place and the competition seems to be between Rajeev and Chandrachud. It looks like even Aravind KP can also participate in this task. Let us see who is going to rule the Bigg Boss Kannada house next week. 

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