Priyanka Thimmesh or Shubha Poonja, Who Will Be Eliminated This Week?

15 Jul, 2021 16:45 IST|Sakshi Post

The second innings of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is completing its third week and entering into the fourth week. Bigg Boss viewers waiting for the double-elimination process. According to BBK live viewers, Vaishnavi, Prashanth S, Priyanka T, and Shubha P will get nominated for this week's elimination in the episode tonight. 

As we all know, Vaishnavi and Prashanth S will be saved at any cost by Colors Kannada for the sake of TRPs. There is a high likelihood of Shubha and Priyanka T to get eliminated this week. Colors Kannada has saved Priyanka T two times and eliminated Raghu and Nidhi. Netizens say Colors Kannada is saving Priyanka T for TRP rating because she is the one who always gets into clashes with Chandrachud. But in this week's tasks, Priyanka T was not active at all in the tasks or fights. So Priyanka might be evicted this week. 

When it comes to Shubha P, her performance has not been impressive enough. In fact, netizens say it's worse than the first innings. Shubha is always seen sitting and gossiping about other contestants. Netizens have branded Subha as a lazy contestant in the Bigg Boss house. But there is no doubt that of late, Shubha has been entertaining the viewers with her acts and silly jokes. So As per reports, Shubha still stands a chance of being saved by the show runners this week when compared to Priyanka T. Let us wait and watch to who Kichcha Sudeep will give the exit pass to in the upcoming weekend episode.

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