Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta New Captain Of The House

5 Dec, 2022 09:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 16 has completed its ninth week and entered the tenth week with lots of changes in the house. We can say that contestants may start playing the individual game from this week after Salman Khan and Bigg Boss gave clarity to the contestants on their equations with contenders. The equations of the contestants changed after Big Boss revealed in the task who was gossiping about them. Anyway, in the task, contestants got to know that their own friends were cheating them behind their backs. Well, Tina Datta and Shalin are the most talked-about couple in the house about their relationship. From day one, the contestants are confused about whether Shalin and Tina have feelings for each other. In a few episodes, Tina made it clear that Shalin has feelings for her, and that Sumbul is the reason for their fights. But when Sumbul got to know she is getting trolled and affected in between she cut off her bond with them. Though still they are having ugly arguments and Shalin is seen not clear about his relation with Tina. 

Talking about Priyanka and Ankit's relationship, viewers love their fights and patch-ups. Priyanka and Ankit are grabbing the eyeballs of the viewers with their chemistry in the house. BB16 viewers liked the way Priyanka and Ankit supported each other after arguments. In this week’s captaincy task, Priyanka and Ankit play their individual games. As per the sources, Ankit won the tenth-week captaincy task, and he is the new captain of Bigg Boss 16.

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