BBT5: Week 12 Nominated Contestants List

22 Nov, 2021 13:08 IST|Vyshnavi

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has entered its 12th week and as today is nomination day, it is expected that there would be anxious moments in the glass house as things hot up following arguments among contestants. 

Even Bigg Boss viewers feel the same after watching the latest promo of the show released by the makers. In the promo, Sreerama Chandra nominates Kajal for playing a selfish game during the eviction free pass task. He felt that the pass would have been more useful if Anee Master had got it. However, as expected, Kajal covers up the situation, saying that it is her strategy. 

When VJ Sunny intervenes, Sreerama Chandra nominates Sunny also. In the previous promo that was released by Star Maa, we can see Priyanka Singh and Siri nominating each other for backbiting. 

According to most recent reports, all the house contestants have been nominated this week, with the exception of the captain, Maanas, who escaped elimination. The nominated contestants for the 12th week are Siri, Shannu, Priyanka, Sreerama Chandra, Kajal, Sunny, and Ravi. 

Of the nominated contestants, the Bigg Boss audience say that Priyanka, Ravi, and Kajal will be in the danger zone and have high chances of getting evicted from the show this weekend. 

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