BBT5: Sunny Loses Cool After Getting Eliminated From Captaincy Task

28 Oct, 2021 13:32 IST|Vyshnavi

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 contestants are going all out to win the captaincy task, which in turn gives them the immunity from next week's nominations. As of now, the contestants selected to participate in the Captaincy task include Shannu, Siri, Maanas, Sunny, Anee Master and Sreeram Chandra. 

The show makers have recently released a promo related to the final captaincy task. In this promo, we can see all the captaincy contenders wearing a bag filled with thermocols. The task is that the person who holds more thermocol balls in their bag will become the captain.

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Have a look at the promo: 

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Sunny loses his temper after the contestants target him and opened his bag. Sreeram intentionally targets Sunny and fights with him to remove his bag. He alleges that Sunny is not an individual player. However, Jessie being the Sanchalak of the task, eliminates Sunny from the task. 

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Later, when Maanas and Sreeram Chandra fall and try to remove each other's bags, Jessie eliminates both of them from the task, which triggers Sunny's aggression. However, Bigg Boss viewers feel that Sunny is losing his cool as his captaincy has come to an end. 

To judge Sunny's aggression, we have to wait for the full episode. Stay tuned for updates.

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