BBK9: This Contestant Has High Chance of Getting Axed in 10th Week

3 Dec, 2022 11:32 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 9 contestants entered the eleventh week with a lot of changes in their game strategy. The BBK9 contestants met their family members this week and got their reviews. It is worth mentioning that Bigg Boss Kannada season 9 has no controversial or ugly spats like season 8. The contestants are grabbing the viewers' attention. Netizens are trending #BBK9 on Twitter by discussing about contestants' performances.

Coming to the tenth week of the elimination process,  Divya Uruduga, Roopesh Shetty, Rakesh Adiga, Amulya Gowda, Arun Sagar, Kavyashree, Anupama, Deepika Das, Aryavardhan, and Prashanth Sambargi are on the nomination list. According to the social media unofficial Bigg Boss Kannada 9 voting results,  Divya Uruduga, Roopesh Shetty, Rakesh Adiga, Amulya Gowda,  Deepika Das, and Prashanth Sambargi are in the safe zone. The danger zone contestants are Arun Sagar, Kavyashree, Anupama, Arun Sagra, and Aryavardhan. The sources say that Aryavardhan has many chances to get an exit pass from the show. Let us wait and watch to see if the rumour of Aryavardhan's elimination is true or not in tonight's elimination.

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