And The Winner Of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is...

13 Jan, 2022 15:22 IST|L Manisha

The countdown to Bigg Boss Tamil 5 grand finale has started. Contestants in the house are having a gala time in the house, while the eliminated contestants have made their entry into the glass house to entertain the top five contestants and the audience. 

As the finale approaches, the debates and predictions on social media platforms have reached a fever's pitch. For the unversed, there are two names making the rounds for the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 winner. They are Priyanka and Raju. 

Priyanka and Raju fans are having a heavy debate over who among the two contestants will win the title. However, the positions of Priyanka and Raju are changing each day, so one day Raju will top the list, and the other day Priyanka. 

But a majority of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers feel that Priyanka will bag the trophy. Priyanka's popularity and fame outside the Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 house has increased, thanks to her straight-forwardness towards other contestants. She did not give up on any task or argument and stood strong. We can say that Priyanka has grabbed the viewers' attention and impressed them. 

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers are trending Priyanka as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 and Twitter is flooded with Priyanka hashtags. In the recent promo released by Vijay TV, Priyanka is not seen in the promo and Priyanka fans are questioning Bigg Boss Tamil makers, Vijay TV on why Priyanka is missing from the promo. 

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Netizens wonder if they have any other plans to make Raju the winner and Niroop the runner-up. do you think Priyanka will lift the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 trophy? Comment below. 

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