American Rapper Cardi B Reveals Her BTS Bias, Know Who It Is

2 Jul, 2022 17:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Cardi B has revealed her favourite BTS member is Jimin

On July 1, Cardi B held a fun #AskCardi Q&A session on Twitter in which she personally answered various questions from her fans.

At one point, one of her fans asked, “Who’s your bias (favourite) in BTS?” and Cardi B succinctly replied with a photo of Jimin.

Last year, Cardi B mentioned in an interview with Variety that both she and her young daughter Kulture are big fans of BTS.

She said “I like BTS a lot, but let me tell you something. My daughter likes BTS a lot a lot. Like, ‘Mommy, mommy, put [on] the song.’ And it’s like, I already know what she’s talking about.”

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