After Vishwa, Maanas Gets Power Room Access

8 Sep, 2021 14:46 IST|Sakshi Post

We all know that Vishwa has got access to the power room. He goes to the power room as per the instructions from the Bigg Boss, Vishwa said the names of two contestants - Ravi and Priya's outfits and other things will be shifted to the storeroom. Now, the news is that Maanas has got access to the power room. Let us wait and see who is going to get access to the power room after Vishwa.

It is all known knowledge that six contestants Maanas, Ravi, Sarayu, Hamida, and Jessie are on the list of nominations and they are in the danger zone. Who is going to step out of the house is the question. Some netizens are predicting that either Hamida or Jessie will be evicted from the house. However, an official confirmation can be expected in the weekend episode.

With each passing day, we are seeing contestants arguing and fighting over different issues. Anyways, we know that Bigg Boss is all about fights and controversies. Some of the contestants would fight with others for no reason, whereas some would sit quietly. How contestants are going to react and act is the point.

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