Adipurush Could Be Indian 300, proverbially!

8 Sep, 2020 14:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Prabhas's Adipurush has become the film to look out for ever since, director Om Raut made an announcement about it. Nobody expected, Prabhas to play the role of Lord Ram, so early in his career. 

Saif Ali Khan will play Demon King, Lankesh in the film and all star casting will be revealed soon. Movie will be a focused tale of battle between Lankesh and Ram, say sources. The battle sequences have been designed to match the Hollywood standards. 

Like 300 film, this movie will also be shot on sets with green screen and it will also concentrate on war and emotions behind it. The early story of King Ram, will be narrated with few scenes and the story will pick up from Ram in exile, looking to find whereabouts of his wife, Sita. 

From there on, till the final scene, the movie will present the story of battle between Lankesh and Ram, in a very detailed manner, say sources. It will be a first of its kind experience and hence, a big 70 to 80 day schedule has been planned to finish the film shoot. 

Movie team will use motion capture technology to create demon characters and even characters of Hanuman, Jambavantha and other vanars. Director Om Raut has envisioned to tell the epic tale through a new viewpoint and it will be exciting, say sources. 

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