Abijeet First Bigg Boss Contestant On SamJam For Aha?

18 Dec, 2020 17:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestants enter the house hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry. While they are already famous, they want more fame and opportunities and hence sign up to stay locked up inside the house for 100 odd days.

It is not easy staying amid strangers for 3 months away from the family with your every move being closely monitored. Obviously you can't be yourself when so many cameras are watching you round the clock. 

Yet, contestants put up a brave front and battle it out to somehow survive in the house with the hope of winning the title. And sometimes it pays off for sure. There have been cases of several contestants who went on to feature in movies and albums after entering the Bigg Boss house.

We guess even Mukku Avinash bid adieu to his popular show Jabardasth to stay inside the Bigg Boss house so he could grab the attention of the audience and filmmakers and land more opportunities. Sure enough, we heard that he did receive several offers.

Now, about other contestants inside the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house. We have seen that every contestant has given his best and if there's one name that has managed to capture everyone's attention, it's undoubtedly Abijeet. He's one of the most popular contestants on the show and even touted to be the winner of this season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

That part, the latest we hear is that Abijeet is all set to be invited to take part in Samantha Akkineni's popular SamJam show on Aha! If the buzz in social media is any indication then Abhijeet will be the first contestant to grace SamJam with Samantha Akkineni.

We all know that Abhijeet acted in Amala Akkineni's Life Is Beautiful and rumour has it that Abi used that connection to enter the Bigg Boss house being hosted by Nagarjuna. And since Samantha is the daughter-in-law of the Akkineni family, Nag may have recommended Abhijeet's name to her. 

But guys, this is all still a rumour. But like they say there is no smoke without fire. So let's see what happens.

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