Abhijeet Knows Who's The Next Contestant To Be Eliminated From Bigg Boss House?

24 Nov, 2020 15:32 IST|Sakshi Post

Many twists and turns in the house of Bigg Boss, right! A big Yes... It's becoming a bit difficult to predict what will happen in the next episodes. But still, some of the netizens are decoding what is going to happen in the house in the near future. Let us not come to a conclusion by listening to what they are saying.

In a recent episode, Bigg Boss gave a task in which every contestant had to randomly pick a cap and freeze until Bigg Boss gives them directions. The contestant who gets red cap will be in danger zone whereas the one who gets green cap will be safe.  Abhijeet, Ariyana, Akhil and Avinash have been nominated. Monal and Sohel don green coloured cap. Harika didn't participate in the task as she was the captain of the house. Monal swaps with Abhijeet and she entered the nominations.

Monal swaps with Abhijeet and she entered the nominations. Avinash asks Monal to swap with him. He says that he is very much capable to stay in the house and keeps his 100 per cent in every task. To this, Monal questioned that who is he to decide whether she plays the game or not. She further added that if he is confident about his game then why is he asking her to swap. Abhijeet says that they have got green and red caps out of luck and the audience will decide who will stay in the house and who will be out. Abhijeet's explanation to Avinash is praised by many on social media. Some are saying that Avinash is going to step out of the house.

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