7 Worst Pixar Villains Ever

28 Jun, 2022 13:09 IST|Sakshi Post

Devraj Bollareddy

Over the past three decades, Pixar has given us a whole host of beloved animated movies that went on to shape our childhood. From Toy Story to The Incredibles, Pixar created many memorable movie franchises that have created a space for themselves in our hearts. Today, we are looking at some of the worst villains Pixar has created.

Ratatouille- Chef Skinner

Chef Skinner definitely has some questionable morals, whether it was hiding Linguini’s real lineage from him because he was scared to lose the restaurant or the overly angry boss persona that he had seemed to take on in this movie, he is definitely a villain that we all love to hate.

Toy Story 2- Al

Al definitely had some malicious and selfish traits in him. Al was a toy collector and ends up acquiring Andy’s toy collection in the 2nd Toy Story movie. Viewers were outraged when Al stole Woody from Andy’s house when no one was looking. He is a typical villain because all he cared about was the money.

Toy Story- Sid

Yes, this is another Toy Story villain. Sid seems hell bent on destroying every toy he finds. He had a notorious reputation for destroying every toy he finds, or worse pulling them apart and mixing them with parts of other toys. There is no questioning why he ended up playing the villain in Toy Story.

Cars- Chicks Hicks

Unfortunately, Chicks Hicks's nickname is ‘the runner-up’ because he is known for always coming in second, always losing the first place to Strip ‘The King’ Weathers. One can imagine the kind of emotional and psychological trauma one can go through when someone spends their entire career being shadowed by another. This turned him into someone that will try and win at any cost, even if it means cheating. In the movie, during the tie-breaker race, Chick purposefully causes The King to crash and Lightning McQueen famously stops to help the badly injured race veteran. Winning is great but at what cost? Am I right?

The Incredibles- Syndrome

Syndrome or Buddy Pine has spent much of his life luring superheroes to his island and then murdering them. Syndrome is responsible for at least 15 superhero deaths. This behavior stemmed from a childhood experience he had with Mr. Incredible who told him that he was not special and accused him of using technology to make up for his lack of real power.

Wall-E- Auto

Wall E is set in an environment where humanity has fled earth because Earth got so poisoned that it could no longer sustain life. Humans designed a system that would allow them to live in space for 5 years while Wall-E units clean up the garbage. However, 5 years was nowhere enough to reverse the damage and 700 years later, AUTO is ruling over the human spaceship from the shadows. It does everything in its power to hide the living plant that Wall-E found from the humans living on board and AUTO’s tactics and methods almost results in Wall-E being destroyed.

Brave- Mor’du

Fans were left heartbroken halfway through the Brave movie when they realized that Mor’du could be the reason the royal family is torn apart. Mor’du has more going for him than what meets the eye actually, before he shape shifted into a terrifying bear, he was actually a prince. However, a bear cannot be king so his people turned on him and that resulted in him killing many people of his own and finally, being left alone in the body of a bear led him to lose touch with his human qualities.

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