Women’s Entrepreneurship in 2022

19 Nov, 2022 16:28 IST|Sakshi Post
Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti

The concept of women entrepreneurs or women in business has changed massively in today’s time. This has largely happened during the pandemic and has come as a boon to women, across the world, but specifically in India.

Women in India earlier were not allowed to work or had limited choices to be financially independent. We got the much-needed opportunity during the lockdown to spread our wings and show the world the potential and the efforts women can put into, be it home, academic results or business! We, women, know how to excel in any field!

When discussing women in leadership positions, the term "glass ceiling" often comes up. The concept of a glass ceiling describes a barrier women face in their day-to-day lives or have faced in the business world and on personal grounds. However, some argue that the glass has been broken, while others argue the opposite. Women may now be confronted with a glass labyrinth rather than a glass ceiling. But the situation has been improving, many women are coming forward to chase their dreams, and the thinking of mass has been changing gradually.
Being a woman entrepreneur is not easy as it sounds. There is a lot of pressure in maintaining the right balance. Here are a few tips I follow, which may help you too.
1. I firstly keep myself focused and work efficiently. Also, one of the things that motivates me the most while working is contributing to the lives of those who suffer due to illness, but I have always prioritized my health and believe in following a healthy lifestyle by following a right diet plan and exercising daily to release stress and remain fit.
2. Taking time to time breaks from work, doing quality work and an excellent team helps me strike the right work-life balance.
3. Find someone who can be your mentor and is there to motivate you during tough times. Baba Ramdasji, my guru who taught me everything about Ayurveda and my late husband Dr. Pankaj Naram with whom I embarked on this journey and they have been my biggest inspiration throughout my journey/career.

As a business owner, I would like to advise upcoming women entrepreneurs to first believe in themselves and be decisive in whatever they do, it is very important to set a goal or a vision that you believe in and would like your organization to accomplish, with some right amount of research on your targeted market and audience will help moving forward. Confidence, determination, and passion will help you reach your end goal. And I strongly believe in never giving up and overcoming all challenges with courage.

           (This article is authored by an Ayurveda Practitioner, Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti )

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