Story Of A Super Mother’s Determination From Urban Company

9 May, 2022 14:22 IST|Sakshi Post

One of the star partners of Urban Company with a 4.96 rating, Brundha joined Urban Company in 2019 after shutting down her own salon where she was spending all her time but was not able to make much profit.

With an aim to better her family’s living standards, she joined UC and subsequently her monthly earnings rose to ₹1L-₹1.5L eventually. She feels like she’s running her own business, but with even more flexibility.

Being the Woman of the house

Life is more on the sweeter side for Brundha now. She has booked an apartment for her family and is also now able to fulfill the family's needs. She feels proud to be a UC partner and considers herself fortunate for this association

What makes her the happiest is knowing that her children are also proud that their mother is independent and is capable of achieving whatever she wants to. She no longer has to worry about small, daily household expenses that used to keep her awake earlier. She stepped up in her role as a mother and now has the capacity to plan a secured future for her children.

With Urban Company’s continuous efforts to uplift its partners, Brundha’s story is one of many mothers who now see a bright future for their children as they become the pillar of strength and determination.

Urban Company recently announced an industry-first Partner Stock Ownership Plan (PSOP) for its service providers. Under the plan, the company will allot shares worth Rs 150 crores to thousands of service partners over the next five to seven years. This will enable its service partners that including plumbers, electricians, cleaners, beauticians, massage therapists, etc., to become shareholders in the company giving another significant boost to their dream of a secured future.

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