Astrological Predictions Based On Hindu Calendar

15 Apr, 2021 16:36 IST|Sakshi Post

Ugadi 2021 is here, it is also known as the Telugu New Year, and the new panchangam is released. This year as per the panchangam, the name of the year is 'Plava'.

Now, after the festivities, it is customary to read the panchangam to know how the upcoming year is going to be. The panchangam predicts how the next year for every sun and moon zodiac sign is going to be. To know what is in store for your sun or moon sign, keep on reading. These zodiac predictions are based on the Hindu calendar.

Zodiac Predictions As Per Panchangam 2021

Mesham/Aries (Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika 1) -

Aries is likely to be financially, professionally, politically, and socially successful as Guru roams in Aquarius from April 6th to September 14th. Brides will get married. The unemployed will get a job in a good company. Occupationally some problems are declining. Work-life goes on calmly. Those who want to change jobs can expect better change. This whole year will go by peacefully.

The hard times can be considered to be over. The debts will be paid off. There will be a good development in the family life. There will be no health issues. Due to the high rotation of Saturn and its wandering, the tasks of the mind will be completed. There are references to foreign travel. You will be seen getting supportive collaborations from colleagues. Students will make progress academically. However, it would be best to stay away from bad friendships and any addictions. Professionals and business persons will benefit financially.

Vrushaba/Taurus (Kritika 2,3,4, Rohini, Mrigashira 1,2) -

Jupiter shifts to Aquarius, which reduces the employment prominence. The efforts will need to be increased. Obstacles arise at every step. Transfers to unwanted places, in addition to failing in given responsibilities. Professional businesses make their own decisions. Work and efforts are also high in these sectors. There will be no deficit in income and health, but costs will increase significantly.

Most of the pending tasks will be completed. Those who have taken money from you in the past will give it back. Avoid unnecessary contact with women. Spiritual contemplation grows. Good news will be heard from an offspring. Students make progress academically. Those who are in love will also make progress. Do not give guarantees to anyone. Job attempts will be successful. The time is favorable for those in the fields of finance, business, spirituality, self-employment. Do not get into any disputes.

Mithuna/Gemini (Mrugashira, 3,4, Arda, Punarvasu 1,2,3) -

As Jupiter enters, you will experience sudden financial gain and debt relief. Reputation will grow. Completes some pending tasks related to revenue. Do good. Time contributes in every way. Job promotions and increments are also likely to increase. In the later part of the year, every work will be delayed due to Saturn wandering in Ashtama.

You will have to overwork for even finishing the smallest task. There may be some irritation outside the house. Health needs attention. Stress will be high. Be careful on trips. Efforts for Marriage will pay off. One of the children is likely to get a job in a remote area. Time is of the essence for e-commerce, banking, and financial professionals. Spiritual contemplation grows. Love affairs are not as satisfying as expected. Do not give guarantees to anyone.

Karkatakam/Cancer (Rehabilitation 4, Pushyami, Ashlesha) -

You will experience mixed results this year as the planetary strength is slightly reduced. On April 6th, Jupiter will enter the sign of Aquarius, which means you will have some financial problems and difficulties due to Jupiter entering the sign of Ashtama. There will be no increase in revenue. Costs will increase. Care and diligence in business and profession need to be greatly increased.

In the seventh month, due to the wandering of Saturn, intermittent problems will arise. There are indications that the unemployed will get a job in the same town. You will receive supportive contributions from parents. One of the offspring has the opportunity to go to a foreign country for higher education. Tasks will be completed with high efforts. There are hints that good things will happen. Students will receive praise. Avoid conflicts. In love affairs, the expected result will not be seen yet. For those in real estate and banking, time is good for you in every way. All your responsibilities have to be fulfilled with patience.

Simha/Leo (Makha, Pubba, Uttara 1) -

You have good luck in store as Jupiter enters the seventh sign, Aquarius. There will be development in career, business, jobs. Every opportunity presented is turned into success. The unemployed will get a good job and settle down in life. Marriages will be consummated. It is possible to buy a house or a place this year. Good luck at home. A piece of good news will be heard soon. Overall this year will be favorable in all respects.

New decisions will be made regarding growth in life. Reputable people will be introduced to you. Wives and children are very supportive of what you will do. Students will receive appreciation. Time is of the essence for those in the real estate, political, and social services sectors. Participate in dinners with friends. Take the lead in love affairs. Possibility to go abroad in a professional capacity. Be a little more careful about health.

Kanya/Virgo (Uttara 2,3,4, Hastha, Chitta 1,2) -

Due to planetary motions this year, the zodiac will have to experience mixed results. Even if Jupiter is in the sixth zodiac sign for you when it enters Aquarius there will be some negative implications for those in the professional, business, and employment sectors. Perseverance is required to achieve anything. There will be no increase in revenue or profit. Problem-solving requires a little patience. You may fall on criticism, accusations, slanders, slanders. Health does not look good.

Marriage efforts pay off. You will hear the good news regarding the birth of offspring. Participate in dinner and entertainment with friends. Conflicts with siblings are more likely to arise. You will make long journeys throughout the year. Do not give money to anyone. There are hints that one of your friends is cheating. This upcoming year is especially good for science‌ and technology students. Love affairs will yield positive results. Time for small traders and farmers to come together well in all respects.

Thula/Libra (Thula 3,4, Swati, Visakha 1,2,3) -

On the 6th of this month, you will have financial progress as Jupiter enters the fifth sign of Aquarius. It will all come together. Opportunities for career, business, and career advancement will present themselves. You will hear the good news regarding the birth of offspring. You will progress spiritually. Wedding efforts will be favorable. You will receive expected information from abroad. Income is sustainable. Intermittent rotation due to quadruple Saturn wandering, ill suffering is not to be blamed.

Pending tasks are completed. Visa issues will be resolved. Get compliments from superiors on the job. Quiet conditions prevail in the family. Well suited for students. Going forward in love affairs can cause trouble. Small traders, self-employed they will benefit. The timing is favorable. The court will adjourn any pending cases. Decisions need to be made in the case of new acquaintances.

Vruschika/Scorpio (Visakha 4, Anuradha, Jyeshtha) -

Jupiter enters Guru, Aquarius on April 6th, so the financial problems are solved to some extent. You will think of moving away from the current house. Try to buy a house or a place. Job positioning is favorable. The probability of a change in employment is visible. You will have new responsibilities in the profession and job. Life as a whole may take a new turn. Almost all of the tasks in the mind are almost complete. Deal with optimism in everything. Make plans for good deeds at home. If we think proactively and make new decisions, they will pay off in the future. Spiritual contemplation grows. Marriage efforts will pay off. Revenue will increase significantly. The need to have money on hand on time will be met. Students progress eloquently. Time is of the essence for bankers, doctors, technologists, and those in the social service sector. Health improves a lot. Rush into love affairs.

Dhanussu/Sagittarius (Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha 1)

Planetary orbit is favorable in all respects to this mass. Jupiter enters Aquarius and starts working with new decisions and ideas. Climb the highest peaks on the job. Embark on adventures in life. Revenue will increase significantly. New acquaintances are formed and pave the way for the future. Trips are profitable. Hear the good news regarding offspring. Marriages are consummated. Relative traffic is high. For those in the job and business sectors, conditions come together. You will not turn to health and income. Participate in dinner entertainments. However, there is tremendous pressure on professional jobs. Job changes and additions are likely to take place. Buy new items. Students have to work hard. There is a possibility of leaning towards bad friendships. Take another step forward in the love affair. Good for engineers, scientists, IT professionals.

Makara/Capricorn (Uttarasadha 2,3,4, Shravanam, Dhanishtha 1,2) -

As the teacher enters the second zodiac sign, good results are experienced. It is possible to get out of a little financial trouble. Job promotions, increments, praise from bosses, and incentives all take place. There is an opportunity to increase the prestige in the society and to increase the contacts with the reputable ones. Do things that are useful to society. Although every task is likely to be delayed due to the Saturn of the day, the fulfillment of the tasks in mind is satisfying. Minor health problems can be treated with the help of doctors. Receive good news from offspring abroad. Sweet chatter is heard regarding parenting yoga. Responsibilities in the family increase. Students excel. Go ahead in love affairs. Those in the political and social spheres thrive. There is potential for profit in business.

Kumba/Aquarius (Dhanishtha 3,4, Satabhisham, Purvabhadra 1,2,3) -

The planetary force is not so favorable for this mass this year. From the 6th of this month, Jupiter will travel into Aquarius to experience mixed results for this constellation. Your attempts to expand the profession and business will have positive results. Hopes, aspirations grow. Offspring are welcomed into the world. Hear the good news regarding offspring in a distant land. Do not think of changing jobs. The workload and stress on the job will increase. Additional responsibilities fall on. Harassment of officers is inevitable. The financial situation is stable. Costs cross boundaries. Actively participate in social activities. Disagreements arise with the relative. One of the offspring gets a job in his hometown. Childhood friends are neutral. Students make progress on hard work. Do not engage in financial transactions. Health care is important. Good for engineers, professionals, real estate. Take the lead in love affairs.

Meena/Pisces (Purvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra 4, Revathi 4) –

As Jupiter enters the 12th sign of the zodiac, this year will experience mixed results. Real estate thrives. There are good results in professional businesses. You will gain remarkable fame in the community. There are authority and tenure benefits in the job. There is a possibility of spending heavily on good deeds. It is better to take the advice of family members than to make your own decisions and ideas. Spiritual contemplation grows. Revenue will increase. But, costs also go up. There is a risk of illness. You are likely to enter politics. Reputation in the community increases. The work pressure on the job is high. The authorities will recognize your hard work. Make contacts with other women. Students pass gracefully. It is good to step out of love. The health of one of the parents is likely to be a concern. Court cases are likely to come in favor. This year is great for professionals.

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