Navaratri Puja Naivedyam As Per Telugu Tradition And Easy to Make Recipes

7 Oct, 2021 12:23 IST|Sakshi Post
Navaratri Puja Naivedyam Inset Shankar Mutt (Hyderabad0 Sharada Devi Day 1 Alankaram

Navaratri Puja Naivedyam As Per Telugu Tradition And Easy to Make Recipes | The holy week of Navratri has commenced in India with the  Vijayadashami festival celebrated on October 15 in this year of 2021. Each state has its own different kinds of prasadam or naivedyam offered to Goddess Durga on these nine days.

The Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have their own distinct prasadam offered to the Goddess.

Day -1 | Chalimidi (Chalimidi, is a dessert made from rice and jaggery), Vada Pappu (soaked yellow Moong with seasoning), Paramannam (rice payasam is a pudding that is prepared with rice, milk, and sugar or jaggery)

Day -2  | Sweet Boondi,Guggillu ( Soaked chick peas with seasoning)

Day-3 | Ravva Kesari (Semolina Sweet with sugar and ghee), Pulihora (Tamarind rice)

Day-4 | Pongali (rice mixed with boiled milk and sugar)

Day-5 | Pulihora, Pesara Boorelu (sweet stuffed balls made with rice and moong dal)

Day-6 | Atukulu (Flattened rice), Jaggery, Soaked Senega Pappu (Channa Dal)

Day-7 | Ksheerannam (rice slow cooked in milk, sugar and saffron) ,

Day-8 | Garelu fried dumplings made with  urad dal, Lemon rice

Day-9 | Chakkara Pongali (made with rice cooked with chana dal, grated coconut, roasted cashews and raisins

Day-10 | Pulihora, Garelu

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For those who don’t have the time to make elaborate prasadams, or are looking for an easy option, one can just offer these items to the Goddess. The second common item will be to break a coconut and offer it along with the items below.

Day -1 | Pure Ghee or Sweets made with Ghee

Day -2 | Sugar and Fruits

Day-3  | Milk, Sweets

Day-4 | Malpua

Day-5 | Bananas

Day-6 | Honey

Day-7 | Jaggery or Sweets made with Jaggery

Day-8  | Rice Kheer

Day-9 Til or Sesame seeds with fruits

Day-10 | Pulihora, Garelu

Most of these pure ghee sweets are sold in shops where they sell authentic Telugu sweets made the traditional way.

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