Nahay Khay Chhath Puja Time, Significance

8 Nov, 2021 12:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Chhath Puja begins on the Shukla Paksha's Chaturthi day in the month of Kartik. On the sixth day of Shukla Paksha, Chhath Mahaparva is observed. In eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand, the Chhath festival is celebrated with considerable fanfare.

This festival lasts for three days. Women fast for around 36 hours during the month of Chhath. Mayya and the Sun God are worshipped at Chhath. Sun God's Manas sister is Chhathi Mayya.

Six days after Diwali, the sacred festival of Chhath Puja is celebrated. Chhath Puja will begin on November 8 this year. It is celebrated for 4 days. Chhath Puja begins with Nahay-Khay. Here are the details regarding it.


Kharna will be done on November 9th, this year. On this day, women fast for the entire day and then prepare a prasad of jaggery kheer on an earthen burner in the evening, which they then consume after worshipping the Sun God. After that, the fast is only broken at the end of the month of Chhath.


Women offer Arghya to the Sun God on the second day of Kharna, in the evening, by standing in a river or pond. This year, Arghya will be offered to the Sun in the evening on November 10, 2021.

Material List for Chhath Puja

Two or three large bamboo baskets for holding offerings, three bamboo or brass soups, lota, thali, glass for milk and water, new clothes, sari-kurta pajamas, rice, red vermilion, incense and a large lamp, coconut with water, sugarcane with leaves, sweet and sweet potato, turmeric and ginger plant is green, pear and big sweet lemon, also called tub, honey box, caraway, camphor, kumkum, sandal, Sweet

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