'Bride Wanted, Should Not Be Addicted To Social Media'..!

5 Oct, 2020 18:00 IST|Sakshi Post

There were many matrimonial ads that made headlines in the past for a variety of reasons. Some were for being very funny, some crazy and some others for their weird requirements that smacked of sexiest and casteist mindset.

But here is one that would stand testimony to the age-old adage; ‘Desperate means for desperate times.’ A man in West Bengal came up with a matrimonial advertisement that has instantly become the ‘talk of the nation’ now. Like any other ordinary wannabe groom, he listed everything that one looks for in a bride. The parting shot in the ad is what made it quite different from the rest and became a toast of the social media in no time.

The 37-year-old lawyer from West Bengal, while seeking a ‘fair, beautiful, tall, slim bride’, added this rider that is leaving everyone in peals of laughter. At the end of the ad, he says, ‘bride must not be addicted to social media.’ We have no doubt, you too are rolling on the floor laughing your heart out! Ironically, the advertisement is as hilarious as it is a grim portrait of prevailing ground realities in present-day world. All priorities are witnessing an upheaval and most are being influenced by the ultra-age fads like addiction to social media, excessive mobile surfing and online gaming.

This mind-blowing matrimonial ad, which will surely top the list of crazy ads of this league, was posted on Twitter by IAS officer Nitin Sangwan.

“Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention. Matchmaking criteria are changing,” was how he captioned his tweet. And here is how the matrimonial ad in the tweet read:

“..non-addicted, advocate in high court and researcher. Lawyer family having house-car, parents are present. Village house in Kamarpukur, with no demand. Groom seeks fair, beautiful tall, slim bride. Bride must not be addicted in (to) social media.”

As usual, there is a flood of comments on Twitter, some funny and some being very skeptical of him finding the right match with this requirement. Amidst all this, one thing that surely catches our eyes is that many women netizens giving out their verdict in absolute unanimity – that ‘Chatterjee (wannabe groom) can never get married with this criteria.’ Now, this is called speaking in one voice, folks..!

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