Meet Sean Tenedine, A US Influencer Whose Heart Beats For Indian Cinema

13 Aug, 2022 17:51 IST|Sakshi Post

A man from North Carolina, US is popular on the social media platform Instagram for his perfect Telugu reels. He is not someone who is doing a Telugu reel because he wanted to experiment with a non-English video clip. 

Meet Sean Tenedine, born and raised in Connecticut, a US state, who speaks Telugu as a native. He recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Direction. While he was in the university, he had volunteered for the Air Force in the Public Health department.

The thoughts of an English-speaking man delivering dialogues in a South Indian language will not cross your mind if you watch his Insta reels. It won’t make you think either that the Instagrammer has lip-synced or dubbed the reel. 

What started off as a random experiment with Tamil, Telugu and Hindi cinema video clips, now forms a major chunk of content on his social media account making him one of the biggest Social media influencers.

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Joining live from Charlotte, North Carolina, Sean spoke to Shyamala Tulasi of Sakshi Post on Friday. He clarified that he had no roots in India or Telugu-speaking region and he learned the South Indian language from his friends. He shared that he started doing Instagram reels during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of his friends, and now his reels are a sensation among the netizens, thanks to his impeccable Telugu. 

During his conversation interspersed with Telugu, Sean said he has a penchant for learning new languages and also would like to visit India sometime soon. Meanwhile, he’s also dabbling with Tamil and Hindi movie reels.

Sharing about his Telugu learning journey, Sean said the first place to learn the South Indian language was Telugu movies and Telugu songs and these things helped him brush up his language skills. The North Carolina-based social media influencer said his friends are helping him doing the Telugu reels and they are always there for him whenever he needs their help in getting the pronunciation of Telugu words right. 

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Speaking about his personal life and family, Sean told Tulasi that his mother works in the Accounting department and his father is into Sales. Sean expresses his desire to collaborate with Indian directors and if he is given an opportunity he would love to act as a hero in Indian movies.

Sean proudly says Tollywood’s Icon star Allu Arjun is his most favourite Indian actor. He likes the swag, his style and also the way he dances. He conveyed his thanks to the netizens for encouraging him to put out his best in the Insa reels. The Instagrammer said he is feeling so grateful for all the love he is receiving from his fans and followers across the web world.

(By Shyamala Tulasi Reddy)

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