Keeping Children Positive During Pandemic is Key

17 Jul, 2021 11:29 IST|Sakshi Post
How a pre-school is planning interesting activities for the little ones Sing along sessions organised by TreeHouse online pre-schools have impacted children positively, and here's how

Since the onset of the pandemic, children all over the world have had to deal with long periods of isolation, absence of healthy socialisation, regular teaching methods, extra-curricular activities, or even a semblance of normalcy. Rajesh Bhatia, an eminent educationist, empathises with the challenges that parents and children are facing due to these unusual circumstances.

Research has shown that musical intervention positively impacts the educational processes and development of children. Rajesh Bhatia, Founder, and CEO of TreeHouse, a borderless, online pre-school organisation, reaffirms that music is one way to offer joy, comfort, and a creative outlet to children who have been away from recreational diversions for a protracted period of time.

This belief is reflected in the teaching methodology adopted by TreeHouse preschools. Regular sing-along sessions conducted online help alleviate some amount of stress, reduce feelings of isolation and encourage informal learning. Musical sessions encourage children to let go of inhibitions that they may have cultivated as a result of imposed social isolation.

Rajesh Bhatia, keenly observes the impact of these sessions on the psyche of children. Many shed their inhibitions, begin to dance, clap and express emotions freely. Music becomes a channel for self-expression and an outlet for pent–up energy.

Rajesh Bhatia asserts that young children need the outdoors and interactive activities, especially during the pre-school stage to explore the world beyond the confines of their homes but the pandemic has robbed them of this natural progression. At Tree House, we endeavour to create learning modules that broaden horizons. Children feel free, adventurous, eagerly explore their surroundings, and are open to new experiences. Music and movement underline conceptual learning. Music enriches the mind and spirit of all, especially children, as they are receptive to its subliminal energy. Music also helps the mind and body to work in tandem and improves mental health. He reiterates that music sharpens intellectual, social, emotional, motor end language skills needed for school readiness. Interesting work is being done to incorporate music in all areas of education at the pre-school level.

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