International Labour Day 2021: Speech and Essay Ideas on Workers' Rights

1 May, 2021 10:30 IST|Sakshi Post

International Day of Labour 2021: Use these speech and essay ideas to raise awareness about workers' rights.

Observe this day by conducting a contestant on speech or essay. Here are some examples from which you can get ideas and inspiration for your speech

International Labour Day is celebrated every year on May 1st to honour the accomplishments of workers all over the world. This day, also known as May Day, raises awareness of workers' rights. People all over the world commemorate this day by protesting, marching, and striking for the rights of workers and to protect them from exploitation. The events will be different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it will take place virtually. 

But don't worry, we have a plan on how you will commemorate this day.

You may commemorate this day by holding a speech or essay contest, and here are some examples from which you can draw inspiration and ideas for your speech:

International Labour Day Speech and Essay Ideas:

1 - Every year on May 1st, India commemorates Labour Day. The social and economic contributions of workers are honoured on this day. The day is observed to recognize the commitment and contribution of the working class to the nation's growth. Labour unions mark the day with parades and parties in which they express their grievances and complaints to authorities. The day is also important for labourers' rights to be protected and for them to express their demands to the organization and the government.

The origins of Labour Day dates back to the United States of America's past when workers went on a national strike to protest against injustice and hardships. Finally, the eight-hour workday was accepted as a global standard, and several countries adopted it. The commemoration of Labour Day began as a remembrance of the day when the American labour unions were successful in their demonstrations.

Labour Day has been declared a national holiday in India. In Chennai, the first Labour Day was observed in 1923. On May 1st, more than 80 countries observe International Worker's Day, also known as May Day. The United States of America and Canada, on the other hand, observe Labour Day on the first Monday in September. The day honours the hard work and accomplishments of the working class.

2 - Labour Day is observed to honour the working class's hard work and accomplishments. It is observed on various dates across countries. International Workers' Day, on the other hand, is mostly observed on May 1 in various countries. Previously, Labourers suffered poor health as they had to put in about 15 hours of work. They would suffer injuries on the job, and several employees died as a result. Despite their protests, they used to be paid very little. There was also a scarcity of reliable sources.

The government was criticized by the labour union. They organized demonstrations and struggled for their freedom, leading to the establishment of an 8-hour workday for labourers. As a result of this campaign, Labour Day was born. While the history of each country is different, the main explanation for this day is the same: discrimination in the treatment of the working class. There were several protests against this in various parts of the world. As a result, a special day is set aside to honour the working class and recognize their contributions to society.

3 - International Labour Day is celebrated to honour the labour class's hard work and accomplishments. This day is observed in many countries to honour employees for their contributions. It all began when industrialists began manipulating the working class. They demanded hard work from employees but paid them a pittance. Staff was forced to work for 10-15 hours a day in hazardous conditions in factories such as chemical plants and mines.

Many employees became ill, and a few died. They did, however, resolve to oppose this injustice and banded together to speak out against it. To protest this injustice, they formed trade unions and went on strike. Working hours were eventually shortened to 8 hours a day by the government. As a result, the day is observed to commemorate this class's efforts.

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