How to Woo Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend on Propose Day

7 Feb, 2022 13:43 IST|Sakshi Post

It’s the start of Valentine's Week and with that, it brings a chance for those who love each other to make their partner feel special. Be it confessing your love to someone or having dated for a while and asking your partner their hand in marriage, this love-filled week will give you a chance to express your true feelings.

If you are planning on confessing your love to a special someone, then these Propose Day ideas are for you. But while you might want to plan something big, it is always best that you be yourself. It could be a candlelight dinner, an amusement park date, or a movie special, choices are many. You just have to go with what you like.

Here are a few ideas for your Valentine’s Day proposal:

  1. Candle Light Dinner – Classic and really romantic

  2. Proposal at the end of a romantic film

  3. A Banner in front of her house, with your message printed on it

  4. A long drive and proposal over your favorite ice cream

  5. If you can, then a treasure hunt might be good too

  6. Take him/her to the place where you first met

  7. Watching the movie you both like. An evening with games and Netflix with your confession in the end

  8. You can propose while attending a concert/game

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