Fact Check: Set Up 5G/4G Mobile Towers On Your Property For Hefty Rent

14 Sep, 2021 15:24 IST|Sakshi Post

The government has issued a warning about mobile tower installation fraud and has shared photos of fake documents.

Have you received any more letters, emails, or papers about the placement of 5G/4G towers?

Fact Check: A video posted on the Centre's PIB Fact Check page warns individuals about fraudsters who use fake documents to build mobile towers on one's private property.

According to the authorities, the con artists guarantee a large monthly rent in exchange for authorization to build the towers. It also posted images of some of the fake documents it had discovered.

Did you receive a message about Mobile Tower Installation on your property for a hefty amount from the Government of India?

Then be wary, since criminals are always looking for ways to dupe people into such frauds.

Official logos, symbols, and letterheads are used by con artists to deceive and mislead individuals in the name of government entities.

Fake approval letters for the building of towers are issued by scammers in the names of fictitious companies or government organizations/departments.

Be cautious if you have received a similar "no objection" certificate for mobile tower installation on your property by the government of India.

Check out this # PIBFactCheck to learn more.


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