BJP To Kickstart Praja Sangrama Yatra from Alampur On April 14

13 Apr, 2022 14:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Aimed at liberating Telangana from the dynastic, dictatorial, corrupt and feudal regime of Telangana Rashtra Samithi
Praja Sangrama Yatra Kick-starts from Jogulamba Temple, Alampur on April 14

With power going to the head of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi leadership, governance going haywire and a scary future staring at the people who are in despair, Telangana is in deep crisis today.
The fledgling state of Telangana, trampled under the feet of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family, is desperately looking for some fresh air to breathe and new light at the end of the tunnel. In the last seven years, the people’s plight multiplied and their standards of living failed to show any improvement. There is no scope for leading a respectable life.
The Telangana community wants to wriggle out of this miserable condition. The Telangana state, which was formed after a prolonged struggle, sacrifices and bloodshed, has plunged into an unprecedented crisis in a short span of time. The neglect of the rulers turning a blind eye to the plight of the people is evident in every field.
Not just one section, but every section of people – farmers, workers, labourers, traders, unemployed, employees, artisans, students and their parents, besides people of underprivileged sections are deeply frustrated over the present government and wondered whether they craved of this rule after waging a battle for over half a century with high hopes.
All these sections are desperately seeking a change in their lives. They are hopeful of a people’s government, a democratic rule that would provide them a dignified life.
It is for fulfilment of their aspirations, the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has successfully completed its first phase of yatra, is all set to kick-start its second phase of “Praja Sangrama Yatra,” from Jugulamba temple at Alampur on April 14.
The primary objective of this yatra is to directly interact with the people, understand their hardships, know their feelings on how far the objectives of the Telangana movement have been achieved and implementation of the various so-called welfare schemes of the government. It will also instil a confidence among all sections of people that this anti-people government would not last long and create a hope for a better future for them.
Water, funds and employment – these were the three fundamental points on which the entire Telangana society erupted into a massive movement that ultimately led to the formation of the new state. Unfortunately, in all the three issues, there is a yawning gap between words and deeds now.
In an attempt to expose the failure of the TRS government in each of these issues and understand the difficulties of the people, the Telangana BJP under the leadership of Bandi Sanjay Kumar took off its first phase of Praja Sangrama Yatra for 438 kms over a span of 36days.
Starting from Goddess Bhagyalakshmi temple at Hyderabad on August 24, 2021, the yatra ended on October 2 at Huzurabad, where the electoral battle for by-elections was in full swing. The people’s response to the yatra, their desires and aspirations were reflected in the victory of the BJP in the Huzurabad by-elections.
This first phase of the Praja Sangrama Yatra passed through 19 assembly segments under nine Lok Sabha constituencies encompassing nine districts and as many as 36 public meetings were held. Several Union ministers, BJP national leaders, prominent elders of Telangana society, academics, intellectuals and media personalities took part in the yatra and observed the people’s response.
The main reason for the people desperately seeking a transformation in the state’s politics was the dictatorial attitude of the present rulers. It is just one man’s rule of KCR. He is one and only one power centre in the state and everything has to happen according to his whims and fancies. There is no place for any people’s opinion. Ministers have no freedom; they and the MLAs do not even get the opportunity to meet the chief minister and discuss people’s issues at the grassroots level. Whom should the people disclose their woes? Where would they get solution to their problems and when?
All these are unanswered questions. Nobody should question about anything.  If anybody raises his voice, including the media, the arrogant ruler threatens to stifle their voices and bury them deep in the soil. Such as the dictatorial and arrogant rule of KCR is that he has gone to the extent of asking for redrafting of the Constitution of India, while he hardly follows any democratic principles in his rule. No laws and acts would be allowed to operate in a proper way.
Unfortunately, even the bureaucracy has become subservient to the ruling party and has been following his unilateral decisions. The official machinery is either in neck-deep corruption or rendered inactive. Both the legislature and the executive have left thepeople completely in the lurch in the devilish rule of the TRS. What is shameful for the entire democracy is that the ruling party resorted to suspension of the entire BJP legislature party, caring a damn for the sanctity of the legislature. This government has turned a deaf ear even to the preaching by the judiciary!
It has become a routine for the TRS government to indulge in blatant lying – whether it is filling up of job vacancies in government, purchase of paddy or construction of double-bedroom houses or other pre-poll promises. If anybody dares question the government, he will be shouted at, threatened and subjected to harassment by foisting false cases against him by indsciminately misusing power.
Right from the beginning, the government has never shown any sincerity in filling up the job vacancies at any stage, while it has been creating hopes in the educated youth from time to time to garner their votes. Though lakhs of jobs are falling vacant, lakhs of youth are struggling for survival and many of them resorting to suicides out of despair, there has been hardly any response from the government. The official figures themselves indicate that there are nearly four lakh job vacancies, but the government was not in a position to fill up even 40,000 posts.
Now with just a year left for the elections, the government has come out with an announcement that it would fill up thousands of vacancies. It has just made an announcement and begun the recruitment process; but there is no plan yet on issuing job notifications. Apparently, an election strategist has told the government that there was no need for any hurry, as it can stall the recruitment process on the pretext of court cases or model code of conduct in the event of the announcement of any elections.
The announcement all the job vacancies pending for the last seven years at a time as resulted in several discrepancies – age gaps, differences in acquiring knowledge, regional imbalances etc. It has caused an anguish among the unemployed men and women, who are not in a position to compete with one another after such a long gap.
The government has ruined the school education due to poor allocation of funds and lack of new recruitments; many schools were closed down in the name of rationalisation. The higher education was completely neglected, as many universities lacked vice chancellors for many years.
Coming to the healthcare sector, the less we talk the better. While the corporate sector was given high prominence, the public health system was totally rendered inactive, as was evident from the deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.
With regard to agriculture sector, the TRS government has been making tall clams about Rythu Bandhu scheme as it was the panacea for the entire sector in the state. But the fact is that there is no proper mechanism to provide irrigation to the dried-up crops, ensure proper marketing for the agriculture produce and ensure minimum support price for various farm products.
What the TRS government is doing now is to create an issue out of non-issue every now and then and mislead the farmers. First it said it would purchase the paddy till the last grain; then, it said there won’t be any procurement centres. First it asked the farmers to raise paddy even in one crore acres; later, it said raising paddy amounted to hanging themselves to death. First it said the Centre should purchase entire boiled rice; now it is saying the Centre should purchase the entire paddy.
With such inconsistent talk, wily KCR is grossly cheating the farming community. Despite making a tall promise, he has not so far set up a price stabilisation fund, nor has it strengthened the marketing system. KCR has taken credit for the irrigation projects taken up during the previous governments of combined Andhra Pradesh. He has redesigned a Rs 40,000 crore irrigation project and increased the project cost to Rs 1.30 lakh crore; he has misled the people and siphoned off thousands of crores, thereby indulged in neck-deep corruption.

Though the TRS government has presented budgets with an outlay totalling more than Rs 8 lakh crore in the last eight years, there are no instances of an improvement in the lives of the people. In fact, the budgets have lost their sanctity as there is no connection whatsoever between the allocations and expenditure for various schemes and projects.
However, the government has pushed the state into a debt trap, imposing a debt burden of lakhs of crores of rupees on the present and future generations. Where has the eight lakh crores rupees of public money has gone in the last eight years? Whose accounts have swollen? Except KCR, his family, his close relatives and his associates had made millions of rupees, while the common people have got nothing, except despair and tears!
It has become a practice for the TRS rulers to get into confrontation with the Centre for silly reasons and launch a malicious campaign against the Centre to gain political mileage. It has become a practice for the TRS government to change the labels of several welfare and development programmes of the NDA government as its own, divert the funds and claim credit for the same.

For many years, it had projected its Arogyasri scheme as the best and dodged implementation of the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the Centre; and later, it realised its folly and joined the scheme. Yet, it did not give any explanation to the people, let alone apologising for the delay.
Forget fulfilling his promise of making a Dalit the chief minister of the state, the KCR government has completely dumped the scheme of providing three acres of land to Dalits. The BC, SC and ST sub-plans have been shelved and the funds have been diverted to new schemes for vote bank politics.

While farmers’ loan waiver scheme was pushed under the carpet, the unemployment allowance scheme was wound up even before it was launched. Now, the government is coming out with one “Bandhu” scheme or the other every now and then with an eye on elections.
Even the Dalit Bandhu scheme, announced to woo voters ahead of the by-elections to Huzurabad by-elections, for which double the amount was released for the pilot project, is now being diluted gradually.The BJP leaders and cadre should now force the government to implement similar Bandhu schemes for women, BCs and tribals and bring KCR on his knees.

We have to expose the indifferent attitude of the government in preserving the Telangana language and culture, safeguarding the self-respect of the Telangana people and protecting the honour of those who took part in the Telangana movement. The government has dampened the spirts of the employees, who are supposed to work with a lot of enthusiasm in the new districts and decentralised set up, by bringing in controversial GO 317.
The announcement made by the chief minister on the floor of the assembly on doing away with the GO 111 under pressure from the real estate lobby, thereby posing a threat to the drinking water reservoirs of Osman Sagar and Himayat sagar, which are also serving as the saviours of the environment in the twin cities.

It is a fact that the people of Telangana are vexed with the dictatorial, dynastic, corrupt and nepotistic rule of KCR, which has diluted the democratic atmosphere in the state. They want to get rid of this devilish rule as early as possible. The responsibility before the BJP is to fulfil the dreams of the people to witness a democratic Telangana, rather than a geographic Telangana or a feudalistic Telangana and realise their aspirations and desires.
The purpose of this second phase of Praja Sangrama Yatra being taken up by Bandi Sanjay Kumar is to lay the path for a bright future of Telangana by identifying the wounds of the past and providing a remedy for them. The people’s welfare is its primary objective.
We request all sections of people of Telangana to make this yatra a tremendous success and help the party achieve all round development of the state.

Gujjula Premender Reddy- State General Secretary, BJP Telangana

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