Zomato Delivery Man in Bengaluru Punches A Woman And Ran Away

10 Mar, 2021 16:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Earlier today a video was shared on the social media app Instagram in which a woman can be seen crying. Her nose is bloodied as she tries to recount the event that happened. Beauty influencer Hitesha Chandranee shared these videos on Instagram.

Chandranee said that it was the doing of a Zomato delivery person. She said that the delivery guy and she had an argument over delayed delivery. The fight got fierce and in the process, the guy hit Chandranee in the face.

Everything happened really quickly. While the woman was trying to resolve the issue over a phone call with the executive, the delivery person got angry. He punched her in the face and fled with the food parcel. The woman was left bleeding.

The influencer shared the videos on her Instagram page. In the first video she can be seen with a bloodied nose and in the second one- her face is bandaged up.

What Happened?

The woman shared that the delivery man was very rude. He did not listen to her and instead kept shouting. He even asked, “Am I your slave?” The woman tried reasoning with him but to no avail.

Later she tried to ignore the guy and shut the house door. But the delivery person was so angry that he pushed the door. The man snatched the food package from the table and punched her before fleeing away. Chandranee added that she got extremely scared after what had happened.

This is what her post read:

“Zomato - are we really safe using your services? So, guys, many of u did not quite get what happened so here it is, please let me know who expects such behaviour from the delivery person and how are we safe if this is going around us. I need support from all of u guys to get hold of zomato people and the guy who did please support me and help with this issue”

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Zomato’s Response:

"We can assure you this is not the experience our delivery universe stands for. Our local representative shall be in touch with you shortly to help you with the police investigation along with assistance on the medical care required. We can't emphasize how sorry we are, rest assured we'll take necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening in future."

Chandranee was admitted to a hospital. She shared that she will have to undergo surgery. The Bengaluru Police is looking into the matter.

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