Youth Electrocuted While Trying to Take Selfie on Train Bogie

27 Jan, 2022 14:02 IST|Sakshi Post

A young man was seriously injured after receiving an electric shock while taking a selfie on a train bogie.

Piduguralla: A young man was seriously injured by an electric shock while taking a selfie on the top of a stopped cargo train. On Wednesday, the event occurred on the outskirts of Piduguralla town railway station. Katikam Veerabrahman, the town's lad, lives near the train station. He arrived at the railway station on his bike. The goods were heaped into the back bogie as the train came to a halt.

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Then he came up with the idea of taking a selfie from the top of the goods train. So, while attempting to reach the top and posing for a selfie, he was electrocuted while standing on the bogie and extending his hand to take a selfie when high-tension electric cables overhead struck him. In addition to the head injuries suffered by the fall, the body was burned.

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Butchayya, another young person present, saw this and promptly informed Kripakar, the station master. SI Polayya, ASI K Christudas, and Constable Suresh came to the scene and attempted to calm the situation down. The victim was transported to a private hospital with the help of the 108 helplines. The train police are looking into the matter.

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