Woman Seduces Tarnaka Man During WhatsApp Video Call, Threatens to Upload His Nude Clip On Social Media

28 Mar, 2021 15:00 IST|Sakshi Post

An event manager from Hyderabad got trapped by an unknown woman and ended up losing Rs 10 lakhs. According to the police, the victim is a resident of Tarnaka and works as an event manager in Hyderabad. He got introduced to a woman on Facebook and they became friends. Later, the woman took the victim's phone number and was interacting with him on phone and on WhatsApp.

During the WhatsApp video call, the woman seduced the man to go naked. The man did it oblivious to the fact that the woman and her friends were recording the video call. Later, the woman started blackmailing the victim saying she would upload the video on social media or send it to his relatives and friends. She demanded Rs 10 lakh from him for protecting the video she had. She ordered him to make an epayment of Rs 10 lakhs on the same day. The man, after realising there was no escape, ended up paying Rs 10 lakhs.

Later, the victim lodged a complaint against the woman, and cybercrime police are looking into the case and investigating. 

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