Woman Marries And Cheats Four Men For Money In AP

28 Jul, 2020 09:23 IST|Sakshi Post

 PRAKASAM: A woman who cheated and married four men in different places across Andhra Pradesh for money, landed in trouble after she herself went to police and complained about her fourth husband.  
According to Sub-inspector Phanibhushan, the incident came to light after Swapna got married for the fourth time to a software engineer V Ramanjaneyulu from Denmark. Days after their marriage, he got suspicious about her movements and strange behaviour, he flew away to Denmark in March without informing her, enraged at his act the woman approached the police and complained about her fourth husband on Monday.

Police registered a case against Ramanjaneyulu, and started investigating, in which they found out that Swapna had cheated four men and looted money from them in the name of marriage. During the investigation police found that Swapna, who was staying in a hostel in Tirupati and worked in some private firm, was first married to her uncle.

She left him after a few days and hid the fact and married another man Prithviraj from Tirupati. Later, she lodged a complaint against him at the police station and demanded Rs 25 lakhs from him to withdraw the case.

Later, Swapna develops friendship with Sudhakar from Atmakur through a matrimonial website and after getting to know that he works in Germany she has taken Rs 5 lakhs from him before the marriage.

After that, Swapna married V Ramanjaneyulu and he left to Denmark without informing her, she complained to the police against her fourth husband. Police who started inquiry over this found out that she had cheated four men in the name of marriage.

Sub-inspector said that Swapna cheated them by changing her names and profiles and attracted them for the marriage, after getting married she started blackmailing them for money.

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