Woman Forced to Sell Kidney to Pay Off Live-in Partner's Debts, But There's A Twist

15 Jul, 2021 16:05 IST|Sakshi Post

A 43-year-old woman's live-in partner forced her to sell kidney for Rs 8 lakh two years ago and escaped with her money. The incident took place in Kochi, Kerala.

Sofiya said that her live-in partner, Muhammed Raneesh, forced her to sell her kidney for Rs 8 lakh. He persuaded me to sell the kidney, claiming that it would help us get out of debts. He also promised to marry me, added Sofiya.

Sofiya also stated that she had no idea who would be receiving her kidney until the day of the procedure on April 4, 2019.

Muhammed and the recipient's family made a financial settlement and they moved the money to his bank account, she added

Sofia claims she has only completed Class 4 of her education and is unable to read or write effectively. Taking advantage of this, Muhammed Raneesh prepared the documentation and an affidavit to claim that Sofiya volunteered to donate her kidney.

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"I knew Sofiya since she had worked in a construction firm with my cousin's brother for five years. When she learned of my health problem, she consented to donate her kidney," the beneficiary stated in her declaration. 

Sofiya went on to say that Muhammed Raneesh left home on July 6 and never returned. After Muhammed Raneesh abandoned her, Sofiya turned to the police for help.

Thrikkakara Inspector R Shabu said that when the incident was made public, police initiated an inquiry based on the woman's accusation.

"We're attempting to locate Muhammed, but his phone is turned off," said police.


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