The Love Lust That Led To 10 Murders

25 May, 2020 19:37 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Startling revelations came out of the sensational murder of 10 persons in Warangal district. The accused, Sanjay Kumar Yadav,  ended up killing nine persons to cover up the murder of his one-time live-in partner, the Warangal police said.

As the mystery of the deaths was solved within 72 hours, Warangal police commissioner Ravinder disclosed the chilling details of the case on Monday. The accused Sanjay Singh Yadav was also paraded in front of the media. According to the police commissioner, Rafeeqa, the daughter of the sister of Maqsood's wife, was living with Maqsood's family along with her daughter after getting separated from her husband. 

She had an illicit relationship with Sanjay Singh Yadav, who worked in a gunny bag factory near Gorrekonda, and even lived with him for some time. But the relationship turned sour after Rafeeqa noticed Sanjay's undue advances towards her daughter. As a result, they broke up and she was back with Maqsood's family. Unable to bear the rejection and separation, Sanjay hatched a plot to killer her. He made her travel with him to West Bengal in a train sometime back and during the journey fed her with food that was mixed with sedatives. After Rafeeqa lost consciousness, he strangulated her to death with her scarf and rolled her body out of the running train.

With no trace of Rafeeqa, Maqsood's family began questioning Sanjay. But with the pressure growing, he decided to eliminate the entire family of Maqsood and used a similar modus operandi. He mixed powder made of sleeping tablets in their food and cool drinks on May 20th night. After they went into deep sleep he stuffed them in gunny bags and with the help of an auto-driver dumped them in the well near Gorrekonda.

After four bodies have initially surfaced in the well, the police thought it was a case of suicide. But with five more bodies fished out of the well later, the police suspected foul play and formed six teams to track down the culprits. As the trail of their investigation led to Sanjay Singh Yadav, the man from Bihar finally had to confess to his crime.

As it turned out, Sanjay did not hesitate to kill nine others just to cover up the murder of Rafeeqa, his one-time live-in partner.

The deceased were identified as Maqsood Alam, his wife Nisha Alam, their sons Shabaz Alam and Sohail Alam, daughter Bushra Alam, her three-year-old son and two of their friends. Maqsood hailed from West Bengal who settled down in a village in Warangal some 20 years ago.

On May 20, Maqsood's family was celebrating the birthda of Bushra's son. Sanjay took the opportunity and plotted the mass murders. 

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