Vizag Police Seize Ganja Hidden Inside Vegetable Boxes, Cannabis Worth A Crore Found

1 Feb, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Heavy cannabis smuggling observed in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Boxes carrying cannabis worth 1 crore seized.

A truck carrying 'stuff' from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana.

SEB and police have intensified inspections at AP borders. Border police are constantly checking for irregularities and illegal goods such as marijuana, illicit liquor, gold, and hawala money. The order has recently been circulated to intensify checks as illegal goods are being crossed across the borders which include heavily embezzled money, gold, and illicit liquor.

Recently, police found a large quantity of cannabis smuggled from Visakhapatnam district in the AP-Telangana border area. Police were checking vehicles near Sattupalli. A suspicious mini truck and a car escorting it were stopped and searched. They were seized for ganja. Seized marijuana parcels were stored in a specially made box in the mini truck. Defendants placed trays of vegetables in the truck to camouflage the Cannabis and to mislead the officers with loads of vegetables.

According to police, the cannabis was 6.31 quintals and was worth Rs 1.08 crore. Srinivas Reddy, who hails from Visakhapatnam and Premadasa is from Bhupalpatnam in the Warangal district. It is alleged that Srinivas Reddy sold the cannabis to the trader Premadasa. It was planned to move the Cannabis to Warangal and take the money there. But the scene changed when the plan went awry and they were spotted by border security and caught smuggling. All three were arrested by police. Premadasa is on the run.

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