Vizag: Girl Lands At Boyfriend's Doorstep For Refusing Call, Gets A Shocker!

23 Jun, 2021 13:49 IST|Sakshi Post

A man from Adoni in Visakhapatnam deceived a young woman.

Without her knowledge, the man married another woman. The police opened a case after receiving the victim's complaint.

Vishakhapatnam: In the Visakhapatnam district, a man deceived a young woman who was in a relationship with him. The boy had convinced her that he was in love with her while secretly marrying another young woman.

On Tuesday, the victim filed a complaint with the Adoni Two-town Police Station. A Btech student from Payakaravupeta in Visakhapatnam district is currently working as a village volunteer, according to the victim's account.

She fell in love with her classmate Devanand, a resident of Adoni's Kranti Nagar. With the consent of the elders from both sides, gifts were also exchanged ahead of wedding preparations. Devanand's phone had been off for two months, and the girl's parents were suspicious.

They planned a visit to Adoni and went to the young man's house to inquire. They were shocked to learn that the boy was already married to another young woman. After the victim raised a strong objection, Devanand's family members attacked the victim's family members. The victim filed a police report with the Adoni police department, and a case was filed for investigation.

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