Vijayawada Cop's Wife Commits Suicide Over Bad Dreams!

14 Feb, 2021 12:13 IST|Sakshi Post

Wife of a constable died in a suspicious situation in Vijayawada. The words she wrote in the suicide note are doubtful. The suicide note states that she is having insane dreams thus committing suicide. According to the police, Meesala Krishna Rao of Vijayanagaram was married to Rajini (23) of Srikakulam district in 2015. Krishna Rao is currently working as an AR constable in the ISW wing at the Chief Minister's camp office. The couple now resides in Maulanagar near Vijayawada city. They have a 15-month-old son.

On Thursday night, while Rajini was at home, her husband Krishna Rao locked her from outside and went to the night shift. On Friday morning, Rajini called her husband to bring her breakfast. Krishna Rao took the tiffin and went home and pulled the lock. There he found his wife hanging to the fan in the bedroom. Krishna Rao immediately informed at Bhavanipuram Police Station. The police examined the scene and seized Rajini's diary and cellphone. Police also found a suicide note in the living room. Police say the suicide note reads that her husband was good and that he was having insane dreams.

Police questioned Krishna Rao as to why did he lock the house. He replied that he did not know when he would come home and he doesn’t want to bother his wife. Police are also investigating whether the writing belongs to Rajini in the suicide note. They are also investigating whether there are any conflicts between the couple.

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