New Tenant Couple Murders 30-Yr-Old Woman In AP

27 Jun, 2020 18:33 IST|Sakshi Post

RAJAHMUNDRY: In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old woman was brutally murdered by a tenant couple in Dhavaleswaram on Friday. The deceased was identified as Rekha Rohini. Incidentally, the couple took a portion of Rohini's house on rent only on June 10th. While the police are in the process of establishing the motive for the gruesome murder, the couple is suspected to have resorted to the crime with an eye on Rohini's gold ornaments.

According to the police, Rekha Rohini was living with her mother Vankatalaxmi. After finding Rohini alone in the house when her mother went to church, the tenant couple killed her with a knife before decamping with gold in the house.
The couple, Chekka Pavan Kumar Yadav and Lakshmi, hailing from Anantapur rented a portion of Rohini's house on June 10. Since their arrival into the house, the couple is reported to be frequenting Rohini's house on the pretext of watching TV. They did the same on Friday too but for Rohini's misfortune, she was alone in the house as her mother went to the Church. Seeing this as a great opportunity, the monstrous couple killed her with a knife. They relieved Rohini of her gold ornaments and were about to flee the place when Venkata Lakshmi returned home from Church. The tenant couple also attacked Venkata Lakshmi when she tried to accost them. They even robbed Venkata Lakshmi of her gold chain before escaping from the place. The mother alerted the neighbors about the incident and informed the police.

Upon learning about the incident, police along with clues teams and dog squad have arrived at the spot and collected the evidence. Later, the body of Rohini was shifted to a government hospital in Rajahmundry for a post-mortem examination. Venkata Lakshmi, who went into a shock seeing the lifeless body of her daughter, was rushed to the hospital for treatment. A case was registered based on a complaint from Rohini's grandmother. 

However, the accused couple could not go too far as they were apprehended by the police. The police said that the accused were intercepted and nabbed within half an hour of the incident.

The shocking murder also threw up many suspicions as to why the tenant couple ended up killing Rohini for the sake of gold. The police are also investigating the case from multiple angles, especially on what made this couple come all the way from Anantapur to Davaleswaram. It also came to light in police investigations that the couple had lived in many places including Hyderabad and frequently changed places over the past two years.

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