Taunted By Wife's Mother Mulug Man Exposes Her Extra Marital Affair

3 May, 2022 18:16 IST|Sakshi Post

MULUG: Taunted by his wife’s mother to prove her infidelity, a man kept a vigil and finally caught his wife red-handed with another man and exposed her extramarital affair. This incident took place in Mulug district of Telangana.

As per reports Chimala Sumalata, who works as a Dodla Forest Beat Officer in Mulug district, fell in love with one  Payam Purushottam, who works as a Secretary in Charla. They got married 8 years ago and due to their jobs Sumalatha was living in Chinnaboinapalli and Purushottam was staying in Charla.

However, he started suspecting her and this led to frequent quarrels between the couple. This was due to the alleged closeness that Sumalatha developed with her college classmate named Lingaraju. Despite warning his wife to mend her ways, Sumalatha did not change. He had taken up the issue with the village elders who tried counseling them both but to no avail. During one of the panchayat meetings, Sumalatha's mother taunted Purushottam that if he was so doubtful then he should catch her red-handed and prove whether she was having an extramarital affair.

Taking her words seriously he kept a strong vigil on his wife and her movements. He managed to catch Lingaraju and Sumalatha red-handed in Narspur in Bhadadri Kothagudem where they were staying away from prying eyes. True to his words Purushottam then handed them over to the police in the presence of Sumalatha's family members and the village elders.

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