Telangana Lawyer Couple Case: Driver Satish Questioned By Police

18 Feb, 2021 13:07 IST|Sakshi Post

The brutal murder of Telangana High Court lawyers Gattu Vamana Rao and his wife Gattu Nagmani in Peddapalli district on Wednesday, has created a sensation in the legal circles of the State.

As per reports the murder was pre planned as Vamana Rao's car was overtaken and intercepted by assailants at Kalvacharla after they were driving back from Manthani to Hyderabad. First Vamana Rao was dragged out of the car and indiscriminately stabbed in the stomach  knives and sickles. While two others killed his wife Nagmani in the car. As per statements given by onlookers, they then got into their SUV and fled towards Kamanpur. In utter apathy, onlookers on the road and in their vehicles and buses witnessed the murder and no one made an attempt to stop the assailants, who hacked the advocate indiscriminately on the main road.

Watch the Video here:

A few onlookers who recorded the dying man as he lay moaning, asked him as to who he was and who the attackers were. The advocate took the name of Kunta Srinivas and said that he was advocate Vamana Rao and that he was coming from Manthani. The video went viral and also became vital for the police to pinpoint on who the attackers could be.  

It is learned that another person along with Kunta Srinivas surrendered at the Kamanpur police station in connection with the case but the police are yet to confirm.

Meanwhile the police have taken Vamana Rao's car driver Satish into custody in the case. The driver is said to have run off from the place when the attack happened. It is believed that he had arrived at the scene after the assailants attacked the couple in broad daylight even as people who were driving past in busses and cars were witnessing them hacking the advocate.

It is reported that Satish was first taken to Peddapalli Government Hospital and immediately rushed to the police station. Police did not disclose the details of the statement taken from Satish, who was a direct witness in the incident. Satish's movements and call data have to be analyzed to check whether he had anything to do with the murder and whether he might have passed on any information to the accused about Vamana Rao's movements.

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