Tamil Nadu: High Profile Sex Racket Busted In Madurai

21 Jul, 2021 14:54 IST|Sakshi Post
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The Tamil Nadu police busted a sex racket in Teppakulam of Madurai. When the victims were questioned, the police learned some shocking facts. One of the victims said that her family faced a lot of difficulties during Covid-19 pandemic which left them in debts.

The victim said that two people came to their house and promised a pay of said Rs 1 lakh per month if they can become Sex workers. When the family members refused the offer, they lured them with a huge amount of money.

Later, they started running a brothel with these women by giving them a one time payment of Rs 5000. With this, the women were earning around Rs 1,00,000 per month. Meanwhile, someone reported the matter to the police, who acted in the tip off and conducted raids in Madurai.

Teppakulam Inspector Hemalatha said that they arrested two men and two women during the raid. Among the two men caught, Pandiyaraj of North Kumasi Street was found to be running the sex racket. The other person was identified as Gunashekhar.

The police said not only in Teppakulam, but many women from Sellur, Tapalthanthi, Avanyapuram and Villapuram are falling into the trap of prostitution. Police opine that there are many other people like Pandiyaraj in the state. So, they decided to conduct state-wide raids to prevent sex rackets. 

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