Auto Driver Strangles Wife To Death In Tiruvallur: Here's Why?

22 Mar, 2021 14:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Tamil Nadu: An auto driver was married to a divorcee. However, in a span of just 40 days after their union, an unforeseen tragedy took place.

Suspicion turned the man into a monster which led to the brutal murder of his wife. A man strangled and killed his wife whom he had held captive. The incident took place in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. Here are the details of the incident.

Gopi (36) from Eguvanallatoor village in Tiruvallur district went to Chennai for livelihood. He made his living driving an auto in Alandur, Chennai. He married a woman named Maheshwari from the same area on February 14, 2021.

However, Maheshwari had been married in the past. And, she had taken a divorce from her husband. The auto driver married Maheshwari. Gopi accompanied by Maheshwari came to his hometown, Upper Nallatur where the couple lived.

Gopi and Maheshwari's marital life went well for a few days after the marriage. However, two days ago, Gopi became suspicious of Maheshwari's behavior. Gopi got into a tiff with Maheshwari over the matter on Saturday.

Maheshwari, who was upset with her husband for suspecting her, said she would leave for Alandur on Sunday morning. However, when Maheshwari said that, Gopi got angry and killed her. He strangled her throat killing her instantly.

After killing Maheshwari, Gopi went straight to the police station and surrendered. Following Gopi's statement, the police rushed to his house and found Maheshwari's body. An inquiry was initiated and the details were gathered. Her body was later taken to a hospital for postmortem. Gopi was arrested, produced before a judge, and remanded in custody.

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