Shocking Details Revealed About Madanapalle Double Murder Case

26 Jan, 2021 15:46 IST|Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: The double murder of two sisters at Madanapalle in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh  on Sunday, has sent shock waves across the nation and several shocking details about the family indulging in occult practises have come out. Reports revealed that it was also as part of suicide pact and that  the parents too would have killed themselves had police not intervened on Sunday night as the family believed they would be resurrected after death.

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As per reports Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) were killed in their home in Madanapalle on Sunday. According to police, the youngest daughter Sai Divya was first killed by her mother Padmaja on Sunday afternoon at around 2:30 pm on the second floor. Alekhya, the eldest daughter, was killed by her parents on the first floor of their three-storied building in Siva Nagar at around 4 pm. Later at 7:30 pm, Purushottam Naidu called GP Raju, a close associate and told him about the incident and he immediately informed the police over the phone.

As per reports the victims parents,  Valleru Purushottam Naidu, who had a PhD in chemistry was an associate professor in the government womens' college, and his wife Padmaja who holds a gold medal in Mathematics was the correspondent of a private educational institution called Master Minds School in the town for the past 23 years. While Purushottam Naidu hailed from Kondraju Kalva in Thavanampalle mandal, Padmaja was  from Chittoor town and both  had settled in Madanapalle five years ago.

As per information given by family members the couple loved their daughters dearly and encouraged them to pursue higher studies. The elder daughter Alekhya was a civil services aspirant.

The younger one, who had completed her BBA was an aspiring musician training at AR Rahman Music Conservatory in Mumbai. They both returned due to COVID Pandemic and were staying at home for the past few months.

The family who had been living in Prashant Nagar till six months ago, built a palatial house in Siva Nagar and moved there  on August 14.  Due to the pandemic they conducted a simple house warming ceremony without calling any family members. Since the day they moved into the house, they were performing poojas and rituals on a regular basis. Neighbours said that the girls and the mother were confined to the home and never seen outside.

There were several speculations about how they had  got into such occult rituals. According to Madanapalle Deputy Superintendent of Police Ravi Manoharachari, the girls' bodies were found in different rooms in a pool of blood. Divya was found dead in the puja room and she was said to have been killed with a trident, while Alekhya was said to have been bludgeoned with a dumbbell. Their bodies were  found wrapped in  red saris with a copper vessel stuffed in their mouths and heads tonsured before being killed.

After the murder, the father was said to have called one of his colleagues over the phone soon after the incident on Sunday night and disclosed the killings. The colleague immediately tipped off the police, who rushed to the couple's house and found them in a state of trance.

When the police tried to enter the house, they refused entry and Padmaja who was in a state of hysteric trance shouted that they had destroyed a majestic heaven which was about to unfold. '' If you had waited for half an hour both my children would have come back alive. My husband completely destroyed the fruits of the rituals,'' she wailed.

After speaking to them the police before taking take them into custody were suppose to conduct a mandatory COVID test.The mother refused to take the test and started ranting that the virus didn't emanate from China, but was born from the hair of Shiva and told the police that  her children would wake up and that Shakti had said so.

As per reports in Alekhya's  Instagram account she had posted saying  that 'Shiva is coming' three days ago along with various messages about the world coming to an end etc., throwing light about the girl also being influenced by these superstitious beliefs.

Apparently  four days ago, when Purushottam Naidu's colleague went home, she said, "You are like a Buddha. I want to hug you. Take me to your home,'' she is said to have asked him. The shocked man somehow managed to convince her and sent her back home.

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The name of spiritual guru Osho was mentioned as her favourite person in her Instagram posts. There was a book of a spiritual guru Meher Baba next to her at the time of her death. Books and photos of Shirdi Sai Baba, Avatar Meher Baba and Osho were found everywhere in the house.

Locals said that there were performing rituals for more than for 4–5 days and occasionally shouts and screamings were heard from the house. 

Purushottam Naidu said that both his daughters had gone completely into a trance and had not spoken to him properly.He said that Alekhya had been saying that  she was the form of Shiva since ninth class,  and that she possessed mystical powers. While the younger daughter Divya said that there were evil forces roaming in the house and had begged to be taken away from there or else she would jump off the terrace.

He says that Alekhya had created fear in her mind and taken control of Divya. He is said to have stated that he believed that Alekhya had supernatural powers and that the girls have been performing Shakti pooja since Sunday morning in a half-naked state.

It is said that Alekhya who was wearing red robes said that Shakti had taken over her, that Kaliyuga was going to end and Satyayuga was going to start, and that she should be killed and told them to do the same rituals  as done for sister to bring her back alive, while chanting mantras. He was ordered to ring the bell continuously while the ritual was going on, and after the pooja was over, his wife had bludgeoned the elder daughter with a dumbbell. While his wife was still in trance, he immediately called his colleague named Raju and told him to go to the station and  tell them what had happened. When the police came to the house, the mother said that Lord Shiva was in the house and shouted that they should not come in wearing shoes and sandals.She told them to leave the bodies there till Monday.

After questioning, the couple were taken into custody. The girls' bodies were sent for post-mortem and their funeral was conducted on Monday evening. Purushottam Naidu was allowed to perform the girls' final rites, while Padmaja was brought to the funeral she was kept away and was seen to be unaffected by the whole proceedings.

Interestingly another information that was being stated was that, Padmaja had received Rs 5 crore worth property and whether this had anything leading to the ghastly murder of the two young girls is being speculated.Officials investigating the case suspect that both the deceased girls were brainwashed by the parents and are probing the angle of whether a third person was also involved in this murder. CCTV footage also needed to be examined as to who had come to the house in the past few days. Police have lodged the parents in the station and filed a case of murder against them.

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