Shady Loan App Fraud: Where To File Complaint?

28 Dec, 2020 13:10 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: CP Shri Sajjanar from Cyberabad Police requested everyone not to download any instant loan apps from Play store. In the wake of the ‘Instant Loan’ apps scam, police have been investigating the case and received many complaints over the past few weeks.

The Cyberabad police have raided many offices linked to the loan apps. They have also banned many instant loan apps. While warning the public regarding these Fraud apps, police are regularly adding names of such apps to their “Do not download” list.

Commissioner of police V.C. Sajjanar appealed to the public to not trust any loan apps or sources that do have authorization from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or proper license from Government authorities. He further advised that a person should always go through the terms and conditions carefully and check the companies’ authorities before accepting any loans.

He strictly warned the public to not provide any personal details like bank credentials, phone contacts, personal files and other important information to these apps, as all of this can be used to harass and blackmail the victim.

Any person caught up in such a situation can report about it to the police or the concerned law enforcement agencies. They can also use RBI’s Sachet portal and file an online complaint. A person can always access RBI’s website and check for details regarding names and addresses of registered NBFCs.

The Commissioner ended by requesting people to come forward with their complaints. Immediately contact Cyberabad police or go to the nearest police station. Call the police, register the case with them and not resort to any extreme steps.



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