Seven Killed And Four Injured After Railing Collapses At Bolivia University

5 Mar, 2021 14:43 IST|Sakshi Post

Seven university students were killed in the balcony collapse while four were injured in the crush outside of the lecture hall in Bolivia. The video of shocking fall showed a mass of students from the Public University of El Alto packed onto the balcony before the railing gave way. Video recorded by a bystander at the Public University of El Alto [UPEA] showed dozens of students jostling for position in a crowded hallway as they attempted to enter a lecture hall for an assembly Tuesday.

Students could be seen leaning against the railing when a section of it suddenly broke, sending them falling to the ground four floors below. The school is located in El Alto, outside La Paz, Bolivia's capital. The footage also showed the heroic actions of a group of students, who grabbed out at others to stop them from falling over the edge.

A female student narrowly avoided falling from the balcony and then reached out to grab one of two other students who were dangling from the ledge. Another student who was pulled to safety had her legs stuck between the railing bars.  

The dead victims were identified as Raúl Cadena; Genio Mamani; Saúl Mamani; Daniel Rodríguez; Anahí Chipana; Loida Sosa; and Tania Roque, according to Bolivia's Special Force to Fight Crime. The agency, which has been tasked with leading the investigation of the accident, identified the injured students as Limbert Lucana, 19; Lino Paredes, 20;  Carla Quispe, 20; and Ascencia Verástegui, 27. Aguilera said the students' remains would be directly turned over to their family members in order to avoid any incidents that could delay their burials.

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