Rajahmundry Police Crush Noise-Polluting Bike Silencers Using Road Roller

2 Apr, 2021 12:34 IST|Sakshi Post

In recent times, we see youngsters following a new trend when it comes to their bikes. They attach noise-polluting silencers to their bikes much to the disgust of other commuters.  These silencers are a big nuisance for others travelling on the road. Following a continuous rise in complaints regarding this, East Godavari district police cracked the whip on bikers using noise-polluting silencers in Rajahmundry.

Police inspected the silencers through a digital noise level meter and took action against vehicles causing noise pollution. Traffic DSP KVN Varaprasad conducted a special drive in the city and seized 74 bikes that were making heavy noise, removed the silencers, and smashed them under a road roller in full public display.

A total fine of Rs 74,000 was charged at Rs 1,000 per vehicle for installing noise-polluting silencers beyond permissible limits of sound. As a part of the special drive, DSP warned the sellers and mechanics not to sell such silencers.

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