New Twist In Divya Murder Case

9 Jun, 2020 15:47 IST|Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: In a new twist to the recent murder case of 22-year-old Divya which had created a sensation in the state, police investigation revealed that Divya had got married to one Veerababu in 2018.

Police said that Veerababu lived with Divya for three months along with her aunt Kantha Veni. Her aunt forced her into prostitution and when the torture became unbearable, Divya had moved to Visakhapatnam to stay with Geetha and Vasantha.

Speaking about the case details, Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar Meena said they have arrested the main accused and five others in connection with the case. The co-accused are Vasantha’s sister Manju alias Sandhya, mother Dhanalakshmi, brother-in-law Sanjay, Geetha alias Kumar and Divya’s aunt Krantiveni.

Kumar also said that they have formed two teams to nab three more accused in the case and will file a petition to take the accused into their custody for a thorough investigation.

Divya was tortured and killed by her house owner Vasantha here. Police found that the cold-blooded murder was a fallout of differences between the two sharing money earned from anti-social activities. Divya's post-mortem report revealed 33 injury marks on her body.

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