Pharma Student Never Raped By Auto Driver, Girl Hoodwinked Cops To Escape Parent's Ire: Read Shocking Details Of Case

12 Feb, 2021 17:43 IST|Sakshi Post
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In a dramatic twist to the case where a B Pharmacy student was allegedly kidnapped, gang raped and abandoned by an auto-rickshaw driver and a few others near Yamnampet area in Ghatkesar mandal near the city, was stated to be false.

Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat, on Saturday  said that the 19-year old B Pharm student who claimed that she was kidnapped and gang raped  near Ghatkesar, was false and that the girl cooked up the whole story and misled the police and her parents.

Speaking to the media, Commissioner Bhagavath said that the police spent sleepless nights in solving the case using technical evidence including the CCTV footage to trace the girl's whereabouts.

 “After thorough investigation the case has been proved false,” he stated as there were a lot of discrepancies in the girl's statements ever since she was found by the police in Yamnampet with injuries.

By collecting all the evidence and talking to the girl again, she confessed that due to family issues, she wanted to leave her house. Later, on due to police involvement, she panicked and out of fear cooked up a story about being kidnapped and raped.

Based on the thorough scientific investigation based on the video shared by  the police, the girl spent  time just walking around the area randomly while talking to her mother and the police. She first got down from an auto at Yamnampet, where she gets down regularly. Then she started walking from there for four kilometres and again boarded an auto and got down at Annojiguda and walked for some more distance. The Police search team got the mobile location and also called her, asked to share her live location which helped in reaching her, ” Bhagwat said.

The Commissioner stated that when the She Team officials questioned her further she stated that she had a liking towards kidnapping stories and wanted to see how it would be done. One of her classmates also told the police that she had done a similar thing by cooking up a kidnapping story for which she had a penchant.

When she was questioned by the cops of who had kidnapped her and showed  some pictures, she pointed to one picture and accused him. But later during her confession she said that due to some previous grudges over the auto driver over payment of money for which he had a fight with her , she had accused him of involvement in a crime she alleged to have happened, he said.

The commissioner thanked and appreciated private hospitals and auto unions for their cooperation with the police and help in solving the case and establishing the truth. He also apologised to the auto drivers union for the inconvenience caused during investigation. He said that it was a sensitive case and it was part of their duty to first investigate.

He also gently chastised the media for creating their own versions of the story and requested them to wait before posting any such information till they give credible information and not call anyone accused till proven.

 The CP also thanked the teams involved in solving the case, which was meticulously done using the technology as the ultimate goal of the police was to resolve the case. The team members from different departments were given cash prizes for the work involved as they were on high alert ever since the news broke about the alleged kidnap and rape.

The Rachakonda Police shared a video of the girl's movement from the time she got down the auto to where all she moved based on the surveillance cameras.

As per reports  the girl was never raped by A the auto driver and three others and has  cooked up the story to hoodwink the police to escape from her mother's  ire as she kept repeatedly calling  the girl. Meanwhile her mom kept calling her repeatedly on the phone and to ward her off , she narrated that she was kidnapped by strangers and taken to an in known destination.  The frightened mother had called by the police and the alert police started search ops for the girl. When they heard the police sirens, the youth left her on the highway and escaped. When questioned further, she is said to have spilled the beans and agreed to the fact that she had gone to Yamnampet area with her friends.

The B Pharm student was found at an isolated place in Yamnampet area on the city outskirts on Wednesday evening in a semi-unconscious state, an hour after she was had said to be abducted. The victim has been hospitalised, her health condition was stabilised, and the police started investigation.

Auto Driver Rapes Pharma Student, Abandons Her In Hyderabad

Based on a complaint from her mother, a case was registered under IPC Section 365 IPC (kidnapping or abduction with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person) initially. On Thursday, the Investigation Officer (IO) recorded the girl's detailed statement and she underwent medical examination. Based on her statement, appropriate sections including IPC Section 376 D (gang rape), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons) and other relevant sections were added. Since she called her mother over the phone, who immediately alerted police and her location was traced to the bushes using the phone call details. A total of 12 teams were formed to nab the culprits. 

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