Peddapali: Minor Kids Die After Eating Watermelon Laced With Rat Poison

3 Apr, 2021 16:03 IST|Sakshi Post

A pall of gloom descended on the Peddapalli district of Telangana. Two children died after consuming poisoned watermelon. The parents and grandparents of the deceased minors, who also consumed the same watermelon are critical and have been hospitalized.

Going into details, on Friday, in Veesampeta village of Anthargaon Mandal, Peddapalli District, a couple along with their sons Nandu (12), Charan (10), and their grandparents, ate half of a watermelon. The family put the rest of the watermelon in a cupboard. The other half of the watermelon they wanted to have at night.

Later, that night they all consumed the leftover watermelon from the cupboard. However, by midnight they all felt sick in the stomach. The whole family was rushed to a private hospital in Karimnagar District.

Among the children receiving treatment, Charan died first. The condition of the parents and grandparents of the deceased is said to be critical.

However, the shocking truths about this incident came to light much later. The poison was actually brought to the house to kill the rats which were rampant in the house. The rat poison was sprayed a little at a time in the house, and the rest of the packet was put in a cupboard.  And it was the same cupboard where the family had placed the watermelon.

However, the rats that consumed poison are believed to have run over the watermelon and also ate some of it, poisoning the watermelon. Finally, it appears that's what led to the loss of lives.

The police have come to a preliminary conclusion that the tragedy was caused when family members ate the watermelon from the cupboard without realizing that it contained poison.

However, the parents have not yet been notified of the deaths of their two children as they are still in critical shape. The entire village has plunged into grief following this incident.

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